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Collaborative Management of Charitable Contributions

Hosted by Collogistics we help registered collaborators manage their charitable contributions. Collaborators are asked to record all donor solicitations along with the amount that they donated. By so doing collaborators are able to produce a report after a calendar year end that helps with tax computations for those who deduct charitable contributions (typically on 1040 Schedule A).

As an additional benefit, participating collaborators are periodically emailed a summary profile report (on an aggregate basis) of both contributors and gift recipients. No individual data is ever divulged. This means all users' private donations (along with the recipients) remain private. However these aggregate-based reports are valuable tools. They aid with measuring how one's giving compares to the overall database of all givers. More important a profile of recipients (for-profits or non-profits) emerges based upon aggregate users' experiences.

For example some charities' fundraisers are prone to repeatedly inundate donors with mailed solicitations. The impression that they leave is that monies donated are largely used simply to market more donations! We feel strongly that these solicitors should be exposed for their callous efforts in badgering donors. The aggregate reports show the most egregious charity fundraisers. Over time our members would (we hope) typically avoid directing hard-earned funds towards these abusers. One hope is that by this negative re-enforcement the charities will eventually "get the message" and tone down the frequency of donor solicitations.

Further rationale and operational details are documented in our Knowledge Base. However the day-to-day operations are three (observe menu panel choices):

  • Record every donor solicitation, while at the same time possibly record your contribution.
  • Whenever desired, obtain your summary report as a PDF file (useful for tax preparation).
  • Periodically browse through your database of for-profit or non-profit organizations and make adjustments.

Use 'solicitations/donations' for the most common operation (first step). The 'rate' field tries to show the rate of solicitations per annum. For example '12' means monthly. The lower, the better (meaning the money you donate isn't being wasted on reminders being sent). Charity names in red mean you just gave (and have received no reminders since then).

Of the three day-to-day operations, by far, the most commonly used is the first one. For some folks hardly a day will pass without receiving an appeal from some organization. Our hope is that by enabling our fellow collaborators an easy way to "log" these obstrusive appeals, eventually (via negative publicity regarding their marketing agressiveness) the frequency of wasted mailed reminders will drop drastically. For our collaborators' experience we provide a special mobile (e.g. smart phone or tablet) "web app" that handles the most frequent tasks.

To properly install this mobile app:

  • On mobile device use a browser such as Safari and visit this same web page.
  • Then, to download the mobile app, click here:   how does the Web App Work?
  • Finally use the browser action control to add the web app to the device's home screen.

Finally, we provide all collaborators an opportunity to help our cause! Understand that maintaining our web site and storing collaborators' data is a significant expense. Two ways that help defer our costs are offered.

  • Since collaborators use our software (and/or smart phone apps) as well as storage of their data it is requested that they volunteer skills to mature this site (still in beta).
  • Contact us and ask about becomming a "sponsor". Sponsors will benefit by means of increased visibility via our web site (and/or smart phone "apps").

Sponsors are solicited for scheduling the periodic display of information about themselves! This enables collaborators who use the system an opportunity to know who you are and find out more about you. As a sponsor you will be provided guidelines to explain how this can be done. As explained in the guidelines the button that follows is enabled only for sponsors.

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